AMD Zen4 Based EPYC “Genoa-X” and “Bergamo” CPUs Surface

AMD announced its Zen4 CPUs along with its upcoming AM5 socket just a few days ago. YuuKi_AnS shared some pictures showing team red’s naming scheme for the upcoming Genoa-X (3D V-Cache variant of Genoa) and Bergamo CPUs.

Meet Bergamo and Genoa-X

AMD is yet to announce its Zen4 based Genoa server CPUs. Now it seems that the giant is already working on the 3D V-Cache variants of these CPUs along with a ‘Density Optimized’ variant. Density optimized CPUs are used to handle heavy traffic. 

SP5 and SP6 Sockets

AMD’s 9004 and 8004 series will make use of the SP5 and SP6 socket respectively. The main difference between them may be the power delivery limit and the physical size of the socket. Similarly, the ‘standard’ lineup in the picture below shared by YuuKi_AnS shows that the only way to differentiate between a Genoa and a Bergamo CPU will the core count. Genoa goes to a maximum of 96 cores, whereas Bergamo starts from 112 cores.

AMD EPYC Lineup | yuuki_ans

Cache Increments

The ‘EPYC 9754‘ from Bergamo ships with a massive 128 core count along with 256MB of L3 cache. From the Genoa-X lineup, which is focused on cache optimization, we see the amount of cache breaching the 1GB territory.

EPYC 9684X 

12 CCDs96/192 (Cores/Threads)1152 MB L3 Cache

EPYC 9384X

4-8 CCDs32/64 (Cores/Threads)384-768 MB L3 Cache
EPYC 9284X4-8 CCDs24/48 (Cores/Threads)

384-768 MB L3 Cache

EPYC 9184X4-8 CCDs16/32 (Cores/Threads)

384-768 MB L3 Cache

The naming scheme for the Zen4 Processors is as follows:

AMD Genoa EPYC Naming Scheme | yuuki_ans
  1. The first digit determines the socket. For example, the ‘9’ in “9554X” means that it uses the SP5 socket. 
  2. The second digit is the core count. For example, the first ‘5’ in “9554X” determines that it has 64 cores (see  the chart above for the core count table).
  3. The third digit gives a performance overview. For example, the second ‘5’ in “9554X” puts it at the 5th spot in performance ranking (Higher is Better).
  4.  The fourth digit tells about the generation of the CPU. 
  5. The fifth ‘character’ acts as a sign for the feature modifier. For example, the ‘X’ in “9554X” means that the CPU uses AMD’s 3D V-Cache technology.

Release Date

AMD’s Genoa-X CPUs can be expected sometime in 2023 whereas the Genoa CPUs are planned to launch in Q4 2022. Are you excited about this new series from AMD?


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