AMD Zen 4 ‘Raphael’ R9 7900X Offers a Huge 180% Increase in L3 Cache Bandwidth

HXL, a renowned tech leaker recently shared a cryptic picture on Twitter. After much speculation, it appeared to be the L3 Cache benchmark of AMD’s upcomign R9 7900X

It seems a Zen4 chip fell in the hands of HXL. So, now we have a few benchmarks of AMD’s rather secretive Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

Using the AIDA64 benchmarking tool, a few tests were conducted where our R9 7900X scored an impressive 1494.8GB/s , 1445.7GB/s and 1476.6GB/s in the L3 Write, L3 Read and L3 Copy tests respectively.

Even the latency has improved significantly with the new 7900X scored a new low of 10.1ns (Lower is better).

Of course, I can put up numbers all day and no one will bat an eye. So, to put these benchmarks into perspective, I have compiled a few charts for relative performance.

A small glance over this chart clearly shows the new R9 7900X taking the lead. The Zen4 king and Alder Lake king score 10.5ns and 15.5ns respectively. Of course, it wont be AMD vs AMD. If we take Intel’s i9-12900K as a competitor, then the new chip is 34% faster in latency than Intel’s best offerings.

L3 Cache Latency Zen4 vs Alder Lake

Yes yes, I haven’t forgotten about the write/read/copy benchmarks. The R9 7900X breaks all previous records by scoring 1494.8GB/s which is a 17% increase. Moving on to the L3 Read tests, the Zen4 eats apart Alder Lake (not literally) by taking a astonishing lead of over 180%. The same pattern follows for the L3 Copy speeds where the Alder Lake falls behind by 45%

L3 Cache Speed Zen4 vs Alder Lake

So, if we take these benchmarks literally then Zen4 should be ~50% faster than Alder Lake. Not really, take a look at the R9 5950X as well in the same benchmarks, it has nearly identical scores. Besides, L3 Cache really does not determine your FPS and CPU-Z ST scores where Intel apparently crossed the 1000 barrier (many times).

As for AMD, the Zen4 CPUs are expected to launch on 15th September.


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