Zeiss Reportedly Waves Goodbye to the Photo Industry

It has been reported that Zeiss will be leaving the photo industry. The news comes from a post on Fred Miranda‘s forums where it has been stated that Zeiss has discontinued all its lenses and filters in the photography world, signaling a significant shift in their focus to cinema.

The departure wasn’t unexpected!

If you look at the trends in the past, it is easier to connect the dots where their departure was expected. It had been some time since the company had actively participated in CIPA, the worldwide imaging association.

In 2019, Zeiss launched the Ventum lens for Sony E-mount drones, which was their last major announcement about photography lenses. And ever since, they’ve been silent on any upcoming photography-related items. Many people, taking this into account had noticed that Zeiss would eventually leave, sooner or later.

Zeiss had earned a name for itself over the years as a manufacturer of high-quality lenses, although at a hefty price. As, many photographers couldn’t afford their items because of their high prices, this is why the company didn’t see the industry as being profitable, and slowly moved away.

Zeiss has mostly left the photography market in order to concentrate on the film industry, where the company’s lenses are still in high demand. It saw potential for growth and profit in that industry, so it shifted its focus there.

Is Smartphone Photography the Main Culprit?

Another thing to note is how camera manufacturers haven’t been able to adapt in light of improvement in smartphone photography. While it is true that smartphones are still nowhere near cameras when it comes to certain aspects, companies haven’t been able to cash in on this, and as a result, have suffered.

Time in and again, Japanese manufacturers have been criticized for focusing on copying rather than innovation. Panasonic and Sony, together with Canon, are said to be unrivalled in the cinematic arena, while Canon, Sony, and Nikon rule the photography market.

To continue to justify the use of cameras, say, 20 years from now, these companies will need to reevaluate their strategy for dealing with the pressure from the smartphone industry. If not, I expect many more articles like this one in the years to come.

We don’t know for sure what the future holds, but as developments roll through, we will make sure to keep you updated on them, as new information becomes available.


It seems like Zeiss is actively denying leaving the photo industry. Contradictory statements have made it hard to predict the company’s future in the photography business.

Greg Waterman, a professional photographer who works for Zeiss, has said that the company has denied the rumor that it will leave the market, although there are mixed indications.

While Zeiss’s lenses are actively promoted and sold through the company’s website and other online marketplaces, it also recognizes that the epidemic will have an effect on global markets and that businesses will need to adjust.

They emphasize mobile imaging, acknowledging the growing popularity of smartphone photography, and so, with these contradictory signals, it is impossible to understand the genuine nature of their motives. It’s similar to Samsung’s technique, where denial of escape is initially strong but wears off over time. There is still a lack of clarity until we have further information or an official comment from Zeiss.


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