Youtube To Incorporate New Algorithm To Measure A Video’s Success

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms in the world. That being said, it has been around a lot of controversies for its algorithms. Critics had been after Youtube because of the flawed metric which it relied on for assessing video’s success. However, it seems like Youtube is finally working to answer its critics.

From watch-time to “quality watch time”

As Bloomberg reports, Youtube is working on a new algorithm which would assist in measuring a video’s success. “The changes are supposed to reward videos that are more palatable to advertisers and the broader public, and help YouTube ward off criticism that its service is addictive and socially corrosive”, Bloomberg adds. The metrics will also ensure that inappropriate videos are sidelined. Moreover, videos with a really small but active audience which provide decent traction will suffer as well.

Youtube has been under a lot of criticism for promoting toxic content, by failing to stop their spread. This move by Youtube is clearly aimed at curbing the aforesaid issues. The current algorithm Youtube uses dates back to 2012. Currently, a video’s success is solely determined by the video’s watch time. However, the new metric focuses on “quality watch time” instead of mere watch time. Complementing the metric will be “total time on site” metric. A Youtube spokesperson emphasized on the change’s significance. The change will ensure that clickbait and offensive content get marginalized, which wasn’t the case earlier.

A video’s success doesn’t only influence the recommendations one gets on Youtube. The metrics also governs how “YouTube surfaces videos in search results, run ads and pays the creators who make videos”. Hence, the two new metrics will not have a significant impact on the whole community, if we go by what YouTube claims. Youtube is still working on this algorithm, with a combination of “software and employees”, thereby raising the complexity of the whole process. How big of an impact this makes remains to be seen.

Md Armughanuddin
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