Youtube Rewind 2018 Longest Rewind Yet, Misses Out on Some of The Year’s Most Popular Memes and Trends

As we approach the end of the year, Google has released Youtube Rewind 2018, a recap of the entire year portrayed in a short video. This time around, however, Youtube Rewind took a different approach: Instead of developing a summary by themselves, Youtube asked some of the platform’s biggest figures to “control rewind”.

“But rather than trying to sum up 2018’s biggest memes, personalities, and hit videos ourselves, we tried something different this time around. We asked some of YouTube’s biggest names to tell us what they wanted to see if they controlled Rewind.”

The Youtube Rewind annual tradition began in 2010, and this year’s video is the longest one to date. Despite featuring celebrities and famous figures like Will Smith, Ninja, Casey Neistat, and numerous others, Youtube Rewind 2018 fails to capture on some of the most notable events of 2018. Although a good chunk of the video is rightfully devoted to Fortnite, there’s no mention of PewDiePie and his subscriber war against T-Series.

The annual tradition is not limited to Youtube, as Google shares similar celebrations like the Google Play Best of 2018 Awards. Check out the full list of creators featured in Youtube Rewind 2018 here. And like last year’s video, Youtube Rewind 2018 is already racking up thousands of dislikes.

Farhan Ali
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