Google May Limit 4K Video Streaming to YouTube Premium Subscribers

It seems like Google has come up with yet another strategy to get you to think about purchasing Premium. The company’s intention to limit 4K video streaming to YouTube Premium is revealed in a lengthy Reddit discussion.

Google’s efforts to get users to sign up for YouTube Premium are a recurring theme in the community. The firm is making a concerted effort to promote Premium through numerous banners, and the rise in non-skippable adverts that content producers can include in their films which can be interpreted as a feeble effort to improve subscriber numbers. 

A picture from the YouTube app for the iPhone uploaded by Redditor u/Ihatesmokealarms showed the 2160p (4K) option labelled as “Premium” with a “Tap to upgrade link.” Similar discoveries on other users’ devices were reported in the discussion by a few additional users. Upon checking  the YouTube apps on our devices while logged in and out but were unable to verify the allegation.

Image: Reddit

Google has not yet officially stated that it plans to make 4K streaming Premium-only. The business is probably testing the adjustment to see how people respond before deciding whether or not having 4K videos restricted to YouTube Premium is a good idea. Additionally, it’s unclear whether Google intends to simply paywall 4K on smartphones or if it would apply to any device that can play YouTube videos.

Despite the valid argument that no one utilises 4K streaming on their cellphones, making the high-definition option a paid feature would definitely annoy people who use YouTube on TVs and desktops. 

There has been a significant decline in revenue for streaming services like Netflix as a result of the global economic slowdown. Due to this, businesses have started using a variety of strategies to increase revenue and stop further losses. Given the current state of the industry, it is possible that this speculative feature will be included.


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