YouTube Music Might Replace Google Play Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service developed by YouTube. YouTube Music was initially released in 2015, but in 2018 a new version of YouTube Music was released, which featured a web-based desktop player and a redesigned mobile app. Recent updates suggest that YouTube Music can possibly replace Google Play Music as the default music player on android.

YouTube Music Update 2.65

In November it was discovered that YouTube Music was working on playing audio files on your device. Now with YouTube Music 2.65, there have been hints in the app showing how a “sideloaded_track” can be deleted entirely from a device.

<string name=”sideloaded_track_delete_dialog_msg”>”This song will be permanently deleted from your device. This action can’t be undone.”</string>

<string name=”sideloaded_track_delete_dialog_title”>Delete audio file?</string>

<string name=”sideloaded_track_delete_error”>Error deleting track</string>

<string name=”sideloaded_track_delete_success”>Track deleted</string>

All of this suggests that Google might be making the push for YouTube Music as the default music player of android. Furthermore. this claim is backed by leaks of new icons suggesting YouTube Music could be systeminstalled.

App icon

These icons look almost the same to the current version, but there are reports that the naming scheme will be changed.

Furthermore, there was a rebranding of Music’s Offline Mixtape feature to “Smart Downloads.” However, the functionality remains the same. The feature downloads your most popular tracks when on Wi-Fi so that some songs are always available offline.

Version 2.61

<string name=”smart_downloads_introducer_title”>Save time &amp; data with smart downloads</string>

Version 2.65

<string name=”smart_downloads_introducer_title”>Try smart downloads</string>

YouTube Music 2.65 is rolling out now via the Play Store. Moreover, you can read more about this update in 9to5Google’s APK insight here.


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