You Can Now Use Office Scripts For Excel To Quickly Automate Your Redundant Tasks

Today almost all of the big names are using ML Algos to offer interesting features. It seems like Microsoft has already announced xLookup for Excel and now the company has revealed new features for its spreadsheet application. These long-overdue features were announced at Ignite 2019.

We already know about some of them including the dynamic arrays and the new XLOOKUP function. According to Microsoft, XLOOKUP will be available within the next few months. Moreover, Excel on the web is getting the dynamic arrays feature, starting this week.

Moving towards the new capabilities coming to Excel, the first one is natural language queries support. This feature will be released as a part of Excel’s ideas feature. Excel now provides quick answers to your questions related to the data in your document. The natural language queries support eliminates the need to write a formula to get valuable insights from your data.

Support for Natural Language Queries

It lets you use natural language to ask Excel certain questions and it will return the relevant insights using the data in your document. This capability is rolling out to Office Insiders today, and it will be available on Mac, Windows, and the web, but only in English for now. It provides a seamless experience as if you are talking to a human being.

Excel Ignite 2019
Natural Language Queries

Sheet View To Improve Collaboration

The next feature has been announced to improve collaboration among team members who are working on a document. The Sheet View functionality now allows you to decide if you want to restrict the sorting and filtering criteria to a single user or all of them.

The new functionality helps you to ensure that all changes should be synchronized properly for everyone. The changes made by a user would be accessible as a separate view.

Excel Ignite 2019
Sheet View

Office Scripts For Task Automation

There are times when you need to perform repeated tasks again and again in a spreadsheet. Fortunately, Microsoft has announced a new feature that will allow you to automate your frequent tasks. The functionality has been introduced in the form of Office Scripts. You can reuse these scripts across workbooks by saving them on OneDrive for Business.

Excel Ignite 2019
Office Scripts

Document Classification

Document classification has always been a problem for Office users. Many solutions have been designed to resolve this problem but now Microsoft has decided to introduce built-in functionality. All of your Excel documents can not be classified depending upon the sensitivity of the information.

Microsoft has now started rolling out the manual labeling capability for web and Windows users. The system is now capable enough to apply sensitivity labeling. Fast ring Insiders can now access this feature on the web in private preview.

Excel Ignite 2019
Document Classification

All the aforementioned features are currently available to Office Insiders. According to Microsoft, they should be available for Excel for web users by the end of this year.

Alex Schoff
Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.

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You Can Now Use Office Scripts For Excel To Quickly Automate Your Redundant Tasks

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