You Will Soon Be Able To Recover Chrome OS Directly From Your Android Phone

You must agree with the fact that OS recovery is one of the annoying processes. However, there no way that we can avoid this process when we lose access to our operating system. The OS developers are constantly trying to introduce new features to facilitate the recovery process.

Recently, Microsoft rolled out a Cloud Reset Feature for Windows 10 users. Now it looks like Google is working to introduce a new way to recover Chrome OS. This feature will allow you to recover your Chrome OS directly from your Android phone.

It means that when you boot your crashed device, Android can quickly begin the recovery process from their smartphone. You simply need to press the CTRL + P keys from your Chromebook in recovery mode.

The change request Introduce ctrl+P to enable recovery via Android phone was first spotted by Chrome Story. Google explained how the recovery via Android phone feature will work in a Chromium Gerrit entry.

Enable a new key combo: Control P. This key is available during
dev and recovery screens. If pressed, it explicitly enables recovery
via Android devices. This is needed because the Android recovery
device enumeration is potentially dangerous to other USB devices, so
its use should be keyed off explicit user intent.

The commit further reads:

When Shelley’s UI extravaganza comes in, she can also utilize this callout for recovery via phone.

At the moment, Chromebook users are forced to use a recovery media device to recover their OS. Most importantly they need a Chrome browser or another Chromebook for that purpose. Once the new recovery feature goes live, you won’t have to create a bootable USB or a memory card.

It remains to be seen if Google plans to extend this functionality to iOS devices as well. So far the feature is currently in developmental stages and the company has not announced an ETA. Additionally, there are no details on how Google plans to implement the Android recovery option.

There is a possibility that Google releases a dedicated app for its Chrome OS users. The app could facilitate the recovery based on your specific Chrome OS device.


Alex Schoff

Alex is a technology reporter with a particular interest in Microsoft and Windows. He keeps a close eye on major developments related to Windows 10, Google Chrome, Office 365, and more.
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