You Can Now Check AMD’s FSR Technology in Action in Arcadegeddon for PS5 And PC

The co-op multiplayer shooter game is one of the first to utilize AMD’s high-end upscaling technology

In an announcement made on their Twitter page, Arcadegeddon’s developer and publisher Illfonic detailed their latest patch 0.1.3 which includes AMD’s brand-new superscaling technology. Called FidelityFX Super Resolution, this tech promises higher frame rates and better resolution experiences without having to get a new graphics card, a solution to the problem of scalped and overpriced GPUs.

The patch was made available for both versions of the game on both the PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games Store on PC. For PS5 specifically, Arcadegeddon now has AMD FSR 1.0, plus TAAU Hybrid Upscaling on by default. For PC, where there is a better plethora of graphics options, players can now change upscaling options for both AMD FSR 1.0 and TAAU.

FSR in a closer look

AMD first released their FSR technology over three weeks ago, and it was made available in seven games during launch, with twelve more planned in the near future. Games like the 22 Racing Series, Anno 1800, Dota 2, Evil Genius 2: World Domination, GODFALL, Kingshunt, Necromunda: Hired Gun, The Riftbreaker and Terminator: Resistance all have the FSR technology now available.

FidelityFX Super Resolution works through smart upscaling to increase frame rates while hiding the real resolution through smoothing the overall looks of the game. Tested, AMD promises 2.4x the results versus a non-FSR performance mode, with some games seeing an increase of 60 frames or more. It’s a great addition to Arcadegeddon in general, as the high-paced and nonstop nature of the game will always have its impact lessened by the occasional frame drops and stuttering. With AMD FSR enabled for Arcadegeddon, you can get uncapped frame rates while keeping the resolution clear and crisp thanks to supersampling technology.

Other titles with FSR in the future

AMD is banking big on this technology as a direct answer to Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling or DLSS technology. Both FSR and DLSS work on the same principle, which is to take lower resolutions and sample them higher, making the frame rates better overall. In the future, we will see more games utilize the technology even more as a solution of sorts to having older graphics cards or consoles.

AMD FSR will be making its way to more games in the future, including Astergos, Baldur’s Gate III, Edge of Eternity, Far Cry 6, Farming Simulator 22, Forspoken, Myst, Resident Evil Village, Vampire the Masquerade Blood Hunt and more.

Kenneth Araullo
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