Xiaomi’s New 320$ LED Projector Comes To Crowdfunding

With the emergence of high-speed internet around the world, a lot of people are spending serious money on their multimedia centers. 2018 also saw the emergence of content on demand and with so many streaming services wooing for subscribers, there’s a lot of stuff one can watch. This was also evident from falling prices of 4k displays and even companies like Sony and LG introduced budget offerings in 2018.

Xiaomi also released 4K TVs, which offered terrific value for their price. But they also released one of the first affordable 4k laser projectors dubbed the “Mi Laser Projector”.

Projectors can become better alternatives to TVs, due to their portability and scalable display sizes and Xiaomi can have value offerings here.

Enter Xiaomi’s Mi Laser Projector Lite

Despite being a value offering for the specs offered by the original “Mi Laser Projector”, there wasn’t a lot of hype from the general audience. But that’s to be expected given the general user’s unfamiliarity with projectors for home use.

Xiaomi’s Mi Laser Projector Lite can be a great entry-level offering for new users.

Mi Laser Lite

Being the cheaper variant, there will be some cut-down in specifications. GizmoChina reports, the Laser Projector Lite will have an OSRAM P1W/A lamp bead with brightness of up to 800 ANSI. The projector will be HDR10 certified with a max resolution of 1080p.

Picture Size for the Laser Lite
Source – GizmoChina

You can cast pictures of up to 120 inches, the minimum size being 50 inches. There will be two speaker units of 2W each inside the projector which will be Dolby certified.

Product Being Crowdfunded

According to GizmoChina, the projector will be open for crowdfunding through Xiaomi’s own platform today.  Xiaomi doesn’t really need to crowdfund to manufacture products at this point, but this can help in anticipating demand. The Laser Lite is priced at just 320$ USD as of now, but the product will only launch in China. We can hope for a global release soon.

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Xiaomi’s New 320$ LED Projector Comes To Crowdfunding

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