Xiaomi Will Not Take Down Advertisements in MIUI, Will ‘Optimize’ Them Instead To User Preference

Xiaomi has clearly stated it will not get rid of advertisements within its own Android-based MIUI mobile Operating System. However, the company is attempting to pacify the growing dissent about the promotional messages that are omnipresent throughout Xiaomi’s implementation of Android. The Chinese smartphone and electronics giant indicated it is “optimizing” the ways ads will be served on MIUI smartphones.

Xiaomi has been growing phenomenally in the smartphone segment. Driven by the latest hardware and highly attractive prices, Xiaomi smartphones are the preferred choice for several buyers. Incidentally, aggressive marketing, promotion, and routine flash sales have allowed Xiaomi to become the biggest smartphone brand in India. However, the company is not without its share of some controversy, specifically surrounding its own MIUI OS, which is a custom skin on top of base Android OS.

Xiaomi has been quite actively sending out updates to most of its devices. However, barring a few Xiaomi smartphones that are part of the Android One program, all other devices have the MIUI custom skin. Although the practice of placing ads within the core operating system is fairly new, Xiaomi has been routinely criticized for placing ads within its MIUI system rather aggressively.

MIUI is one of the most optimized custom skins. However, several users have complained about how the ads in MIUI have increasingly gotten annoying. Forums discussing MIUI have quite a few members complaining about the ads interfering with the primary user experience. Although Xiaomi has dodged the issue for some time, it has decided to pacify the growing concern about the ads impacting smooth operation.

Xiaomi has made it absolutely clear that ads within MIUI are here to stay. In other words, Xiaomi will never do away with them, even in the future. However, taking cognizance of the rising discontent against ads in MIUI, Lei Jun, CEO and co-founder of Xiaomi, has now confirmed that the company plans to optimize its MIUI for how it displays advertisements.

Lei noted that Xiaomi will remove the inappropriate ads and advertisements that users say ruin their experience. Meanwhile, General Manager for Xiaomi’s Internet Services added the company plans to reduce the number of advertisements shown in MIUI. However, none of the senior executives clarified how will Xiaomi decide what is inappropriate. Moreover, there is no set timeline about the scaling back of ads.

Xiaomi recently indicated that its internet and services business makes up about 9.7 percent of the company’s total revenue. In other words, a tenth of Xiaomi’s revenue comes from promotional content and digital information management systems.

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Xiaomi Will Not Take Down Advertisements in MIUI, Will ‘Optimize’ Them Instead To User Preference

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