Xiaomi Announces MIUI 12 with UI, Privacy & Other Improvements

With Monday’s event out of the way, Xiaomi announced its latest devices, the Mi 10 Lite Youth Edition. The Mi 10 Lite Youth Edition from Monday was announced with the latest version of MIUI: The MIUI 12. With that, they made it available for most of its Mi and Redmi lineup as well.


MIUI 12 comes jam-packed with new features and additions. A report from XDADevelopers unravels all that is packed in the new firmware. According to the article, there are mainly new interface improvements, improvements to animations, and health features.

The UI & Periphery Features

Starting off with the UI and the animations. When we say improved, the company hasn’t just done that. Instead, they have redesigned most of these things from the ground up. The UI in general features a more cleaner and minimalistic look. This looks quite similar to the early stages of the OneUI from Samsung. We see more vibrant and simple colors with a bright white background. Additionally, more images are included to display numbers and information.

As for the animations, they have been improved quite a bit. Every Chinese phone manufacturer has been copying Apple and its interface. Now, we see that the company has adopted some great elements. All the new transitions are now quite smooth and natural. From switching and closing apps, to screen rotations and charging animations. Everything is smoother now. Even the navigation gestures, something Apple has conquered, are different. They resemble the ones from Android 10.

Xiaomi has added a bunch of live wallpapers as well which interact with the user. Opening a new folder, for example, would bring it closer, etc.


MIUI 12 contains several new privacy features as well. These are trademarked as Flare, Barbed Wire, and Mask System. These features have cleared the Android Enhanced Privacy Protection test, as the article suggests. In a nutshell, these are what these three features do:

New Privacy Features – XDADevelopers
  • Flare is responsible for logging and controlling all the permissions for the device and prompting the user as well. These include camera and GPS permissions.
  • Barbed Wire works with location permissions, asking the user to toggle between these permissions once, or multiple times or rejecting it altogether.
  • Finally, Mask System, prevents apps that are untrusted to access important information such as contacts, call logs, and IMEIs.

Other Features

Other features include the Multi-Window and the Picture in Picture features. The former is obviously for multitasking similar to what we see in Android phones and the iPadOS. The PiP, as the name suggests, allows media playback while working on another app. They have included a new AI calling system as well, similar to what Google launched with its Screen Calling.

Additionally, there are new fitness features included in the firmware update. This brings gyroscopes being used for activity tracking. According to the company, it is almost as accurate as the Apple Watch. They have also added a sleep tracker, which works as well as any other, according to them. It checks when one is dreaming and has gone into a deep sleep.

The beta program starts today with some devices getting rolling updates soon.

Sarmad Burki
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