Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Brings the Slider Back into the Limelight

Slider With a Snap Action

We didn’t think we’ll see another a slider phone for a while but now it looks like they are making a comeback in the best way possible. All companies wish to make their smartphone screens as big as possible but there is definitely a limit to just how much size can be achieved.

The quest for bigger screens led to many smartphone companies ending up cutting a part of the screen to accommodate the camera. However, there is another solution to the problem.

There is a new trend in the smartphone market that create all new possibilities for smartphone designs. Some smartphones are using pop up and slider mechanisms to place smartphone cameras.

The first we saw such a design was back when Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X came out. Huawei also worked on this design with Honor Magic 2.

And today, Xiaomi just on the slider hype trend and has announced Mi Mix 3. Due to the lack of a front camera on the screen, the display size goes up to 6.39-inch, 2340×1080 AMOLED screen.

The slide up mechanism hosts a 24MP camera with a second 2MP sensor to capture depth.

Mi MIX 3’s patented slider incorporates neodymium magnets that have been carefully calibrated. Once the screen is pushed down, the magnetic mechanism immediately kicks in and finishes the opening in a snap with just the right amount of force. Xiaomi has dedicated substantial resources to the production process to ensure the slider has a life expectancy of 300,000 cycles in lab tests.

There is a snap action when the slider opens for a little dramatic effect. The top end of the slider has the earpiece for calls.

Sikandar Mahmood
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