Xiaomi Makes History by Announcing a $7200 Transparent TV

When it comes to LEDs and LCD displays, Samsung and LG never really are beaten. Today, in most of the smartphones out there, we can find LG and Samsung displays. Not to mention, in consumer electronics, specifically televisions, we can see Samsung and LG TVs on top. We find high-quality 4K and now, even 8K displays from the two. But today, we look for innovative displays. We found the rolling display on CES a couple of years ago and we also see the wallpaper TVs from LG. But this time around, we look towards a Chinese company which has actually made a stride into the future.

In a tweet from Ice Universe, we see a post on a new product from Xiaomi. Now, we should know that Xiaomi is one of the biggest manufacturers in China. According to the tweet, before we dive way too much into it, let’s have a look at it.

Now, this is something we didn’t see from a mile away. We saw such displays back in the days of Star Trek. Not to mention, remember all those Iron Man scenes and Avengers movies with Tony Starks high tech computers. Yes, those CGI produced translucent or transparent displays were quite cool but Xiaomi has made it into reality. Now, from the tweet, we do not know much detail on availability or the specs. Not to mention, it doesn’t really seem very rational. Perhaps, Xiaomi has really thought it through. One thing we do know though, the pricing for the device.

In the second tweet in the thread, it would come out at about $7200. There is a high probability that it would not be available in a market outside China but we like this. It is a step into the future and the world would love for this technology to evolve.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.

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Xiaomi Makes History by Announcing a $7200 Transparent TV

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