Xiaomi Set to Launch NFC-Enabled Mi Band 4 in Europe: Will Support Contactless Payments With Mastercard PayPass

Xiaomi is perhaps a wonderful brand that got fame way too late. From making cellphones to smartwatches to even towels. There is nothing the company doesn’t make. Don’t believe us? Head over to their website and see for yourself. The Mi Band is an excellent example of the fine products the company produces that aren’t a burden on the wallet. The recent most, the Mi Band 4 featured a better display and an overall better experience. There were different versions though. A Chinese version and a Global one. While most of the hardware was similar, the Chinese variant supported certain features that weren’t present on the Global one: NFC Support.

A New Mi Band 4?

According to an article on GSMArena, the company is planning to launch an NFC enabled Mi Band 4 in a couple of weeks for the global market. This would make use of this technology to enable contactless payments, of course. In fact, the article states that initially it would be partnered with Mastercard, using their PayPass to enable contactless payments.

There isn’t a particular timeline for the entire product launch but the article suggests that it would first be arriving in Russia and then the European market as well. Additionally, it would later support public transport payments as well. Support for more services such as Google Pay, Visa is planned but again, no particular timeline was added. The watch would be for RUB 4000.

The launch seems a little confusing at the moment. We know that the Mi Band 5 is right around the corner and that Xiaomi would add this NFC feature in all variants, then why this rush to the market with the Mi Band 4. Well, our theory is that perhaps due to this COVID-19 spread, a lot of people are resorting to contactless solutions. This watch allows that without the user having to splurge hundreds of dollars on a smartwatch making it an instant seller. Don’t quote us on that though because it is a theory after all!


Sarmad Burki

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