Xiaomi Announces The Redmi 9 Series: The Budget Series Starts at a Whopping 99 Euros

Xiaomi, the second-largest tech manufacturer in China is known for budget-friendly goods. While the company does make high-end products (in their smartphone lineup), they usually aim for the Asian and the European markets. As for their product catalogue, there are countless items in it. To add more to them, the company announced a plethora of new products and upgrades to their lineup.

In a live online event, the company revealed a bunch of products but there was a special last-minute entry. This was the new Redmi 9 lineup. According to Xiaomi, they have redefined the whole entry-level smartphone, making it right for every kind of user. The company claimed that not only would these provide a better experience but with the price ranges, these would beat the competition. These include the cheapest one (9A) and the most expensive one out of the bunch (9).

The New Redmi 9 Lineup – Xiaomi

Redmi 9A

This is the most budget-friendly phone out of the bunch. Coming in at 99 Euros, the phone offers low-tier specs. It is meant for users who do not care about performance and just want to get by with a smartphone. Not to mention, with all the kids using phones these days, with online classes, this would make a good addition.

The Redmi 9A

The phone offers a good 6.53-inch HD display. It is powered by the Helio G25 chipset and a single 13MP camera setup on the back with another one on the front. Not to mention, the phone comes in a variety of colours and people may choose out of the three. We can even find a 3.5mm jack which is quite a rare find in phones these days. Finally, we come to the battery which is a huge 5000mAh. Compared to the likes of Samsung, this is a beefier one and would add to the selling point of the device.

Redmi 9C

Now we come to a little higher end tier than what we saw in the Redmi 9A. The Redmi 9C starts off at 119 Euros for the base 2GB+32GB model while an additional GB of RAM and twice as much storage runs you an extra 20 Euros.

The Redmi 9C

For only a little more this one packs more than the 9A. We see a triple camera setup on the back instead of the sole sensor. Not to mention, we get the same display, the same battery size and a headphone jack. There is a different range of colours available for it. Lastly, the processor. The Redmi 9C comes with the Helio G35 which would have more gains than the Helio G25: that’s for sure.

Redmi 9

Lastly, we welcome the king of the hill. Starting at a relatively premium price of 149 Euros, the Redmi 9 can be spec’d up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage for an additional 20 Euros.

The Redmi 9

Now, here we see a totally different design language and idea. The phone was advertised as “less is more”. In the price point, Xiaomi adds 4 cameras on the back with Macro and Ultra-Wide capabilities. The phone features a much faster Helios G80 processor which is more than capable of handling your casual PubG sessions. It also features a slightly bigger 5020mAh battery with support for 18W fast charging. Not to mention, in this particular class, it is one of the few devices to offer a FHD+ display (pointed out by the presenter).

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