Xiaomi Announces the Budget Redmi Router AX5 with Wi-Fi 6 and Mesh Networking Capabilities

Xiaomi has unveiled a new router called AX5 that supports the latest Wifi 6 connectivity and mesh networking. The router can deliver up to 576 Mbps speed over 2.5GHz and up to 1200 Mbps over the 5GHz band. It has four internal and four external antennas, all of which are powered by an independent signal amplifier by Qorvo. These amplifiers can boost the signal strength by 4 dB and also enables MIMO (multiple inputs, multiple outputs) for faster speeds

Xiaomi has added a Qualcomm processor to take control of handling tasks. The processor has 4 Cortex A56 cores clocked at 1.2GHz, and an NPU clocked at 1.5GHz. The 14nm chipset serves as the brains of the router. It can also offload some tasks to the NPU to increase the stability of the system. One would think that such a system wouldn’t require a robust cooling system, yet Redmi has put in a Aluminium alloy heat sink, which sits under large cooling vents.

As mentioned earlier, the router can create mesh networks with several routers over a wireless connection boasting a speed of 1200 Mbps. According to GSMArena, users can also run Ethernet cables between the routers and use wired and wireless connection alternatively. The router supports three gigabit LAN ports and one gigabit WAN port.

Lastly, the router can serve up to 128 devices at a time. It can easily become the center of a smart home system. The router is available for pre-order at Xiaomi’s official site. The retail price is only around 250 CNY ($35). The users who pre-order the device can get it at CNY 230 ($32) only.


Mohsin Naeem

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