Xiaomi Announces New Futuristic Design: Curved Glass All Over With No Ports

We’re devoid of any smartphone innovation of late. The companies that used to break ground with their innovations like Samsung and Apple have grounded themselves. Those typical cuboidal designs simply do not scream “wow” anymore. Perhaps this conformity has allowed other companies to exploit the vast evolution of technology. We saw ZTE come out with its Axon 20 which had an under-display camera module. Although not the best out there, but, hey! it screams future, no?

Now, coming to Xiaomi. The company’s Mi Mix lineup has always been one to amaze people with its unorthodox design choices. Early devices displayed huge screens and an all-display phone. The camera module was always placed in such a way that a notch was avoided. They made phones which did not have chins and so on. Now, the company has been looking to come out with the next iteration. What could it be. Not so long ago, on their Twitter feed, the company announced the latest upcoming device in their lineup. Although nameless at the moment, we have a feeling the Mi Mix lineup would have its name all over it.


Talking about the design and it simply screams the future (for the lack of a better phrase). A display all around, the device’s render has an 88-degree curve on all sides, no camera cut out to be seen. Not to mention, such is the curve that there isn’t room for any ports either. The tagline includes that there are no ports. Well, guess who pulled an Apple before the actual company did, hmmm. While visually it is pretty aesthetic, there are still a lot of concerns like accidental touches and so on. These are many concerns which the company will have to address since, in the comments, people aren’t much too psyched about it.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.