Xiaomi Announces Mi Watch Revolve: 450 nits AMOLED Panel, Always on Display & Two Colours!

Xiaomi makes a lot of products in every category. From home products to electronics to even fitness products such as weighing scales. Xiaomi is known for its Mi Bands as well. These are budget fitness bands which actually provide excellent utility for the price. Xiaomi was tipped to announce a more premium watch. This would be a smartwatch, obviously but targeted at a more premium user. Not only that, but it would also follow a more traditional watch design.

Now though, the Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve is official and here is the first look from a tweet.

As mentioned before, the watch follows a much more elegant and traditional design. It has sleek edges and minimal bezels. Not to mention, it does come in two colours. A Midnight Black colour and a Chrome Silver colour. The watch itself has an AMOLED panel which offers an always-on display as well. It gets pretty bright as well, being rated at 450 nits. It is a sharp display, as mentioned in the tweet, at 326 pixels per inch. Not to mention, it does come with a bunch of strap options. Surely, in time, third-party straps would come to the market as well.

As for the pricing, we go over to Ishan’s tweet below.

While the pricing isn’t that ridiculous, offering premium services at a low price of about INR 10,999 or INR 9,999 till Diwali, Ishan isn’t too happy. According to him, there are a bunch of products in the market, offering the same value for a lower price. Perhaps we can only be so sure about the value it has to offer when the final product comes out and we can actually assess the quality and the features.


Sarmad Burki

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