Xiaomi Adds App Face Unlock Feature in MIUI 10 Update

The update was rolled out in the public beta release this week

Xiaomi has been making rapid progress in the smartphone division with its top-tier products. But it’s the Mi User Interface (MIUI) that has garnered loads of interest in the recent past. This is mainly due to new beta releases every week. This week has been no different from the Chinese company introducing individual face unlock feature for different apps.

According to reports, users can now unlock different apps through the face unlock feature. Locking apps individually was a feature that was always available at MIUI but the unlocking part was not available. Previously to unlock the apps, there were different unlocking options available which include pattern, PIN, password, and Fingerprint. But now the new face unlock feature has been introduced for apps.

The face unlock feature has been praised by many no matter in whichever smartphone it has been available. The conventional unlocking methods are now being replaced by face unlock. The face unlock is quicker and easier to unlock the phone. Xiaomi has been making small changes to its MIUI 10. Earlier this week the company announced that it will be coming up with a dark theme for MIUI. The dark theme feature is now being tested on beta testers and once it is completed successfully, the update will be rolled out to the mass users of Xiaomi that have the MIUI 10.

Xioami MIUI

The MIUI is the aftermarket firmware for Xiaomi products like tablets and smartphone. There are various smartphones like MI A1, MI A2, and MI A2 lite that come with a pre-installed version of the MIUI. The company says that MIUI is not only restricted to Xiaomi’s smartphone but it can be flashed in another smartphone like that of Samsung, HTC,  OnePlus, and others.

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Xiaomi Adds App Face Unlock Feature in MIUI 10 Update

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