Ice Lake Based Xeon Platinum 8380 Offers Massive Performance Increments In Linux 6.0

Intel’s Sapphire Rapids based Xeon Platinum 8480+ CPU is just around the corner against AMD’s last-gen Milan HEDTs

Test Bench

The Ice-Lake based 8380 has been tested in Linux 6.0 by Michael Larabel over at For comparison purposes, the Linux 5.19 stable version was used against the newer 6.0 release. 

The Xeon Platinum 8380 features 40 cores / 80 threads. The test-bench uses the 8380 in a dual socket configuration thus doubling the core/thread count. 

Test-Bench used for testing | phoronix

The Intel based platform shows significant performance gains as compared to the older Linux release.

The Benchmarks

Stress-NG is a software that stresses the computer using various algorithms. The newer Linux release shows a massive 10% increment over Linux 5.19.

Stress-NG 0.14 | phoronix

OpenFOAM is a utility used for processing solution(s) of continuum mechanics problems including computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The newer version pulls ahead by an impressive 3%.

OpenFOAM 9 | phoronix

Godot is a game engine used to make 2D/3D games providing ease of use. In compilation testing, the latest version optimizes the CPU workload for a 2% increment in performance.

Time Godot Game Engine Compilation 3.2.3 | phoronix

SVT HEVC (Scalable Video Technology for HEVC Encoder) is an optimized encoder for Intel’s Xeon platform. Linux 6.0 bumps the 8380’s performance to 90.91FPS for a whopping 12.5% boost. 

SVT-HEVC 1.5.0 | phoronix

nginx is an open source software used for load balancing, caching, media streaming over the web. The performance increase amounts to a respectable 5%

nginx 1.21.1 | phoronix

PostgreSQL is a well known and reputed database management system. pgbench is a program used to benchmark PostgreSQL. A huge increase of over 33% can be witnessed in this benchmark.

PostgreSQL pgbench 14.0 | phoronix


The newer Linux platform offers massive performance increments over the last one. Intel does have a trick or two up its sleeve granting them such performance gains, although similar effects were seen across AMD platforms. The full review should be read at


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