Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids WS (Workstation XCC) Leaks out Featuring Upto 56 Cores and 112 Threads

It seems as Intel is finally aiming for AMD‘s Threadrippers as their next gen Xeon WS processors have been leaked. Popular hardware publication and website, Videocardz, has allegedly got their hands on full specs of the entire lineup.

Bear in mind, these are not meant for sever use as a counterpart to AMD’s EPYC series rather they act as a continuation of the old HPDT (High Performance Desktop) CPUs. It is rumoured that they will use the next gen platform which is referred to as “MaverickW790 Sapphire Rapids 112L, Alder Lake-S PCH and will act as an upgrade over the old ice-lake X/ cascade-lake X CPUs from Intel.

These CPUs feature support for DDR5 RAM having frequencies upto 4800 MHz. The Xeon processors have the following TDP range:

  • W9 Xeon (300-350W)
  • W7 Xeon (270-300W)
  • W7 Xeon (220-270W)

No information has been given regarding memory channel count and PCIe lanes. Although, rumours point to 112 PCIe 5 lanes along with 8-channel support. Clock speeds go as high as 3.2GHz, however, most parts will operate somewhere in the range of 2.0-2.9GHz

The launch date is still unknown, however, considering the fact that these CPUs are now being finalized it won’t long until we see them in the market. Hopefully, SPR-WS is not delayed as much as SPR-SP.

Specs for Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids XCC 1S SKUs | Videocardz

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