Xbox Store on PC Now Allows Modding but it is very Limited for Now

The Xbox Store on PC remains the only platform where you can reap the benefits of the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox titles that are not available on steam yet. The store is now based on the React Native architecture, which keeps the overall performance fluid with pleasing animations and UI. It is far easier to access the Game Pass now via new buttons beneath the main carousel.

The main limitation of the Xbox Store on PC is the lack of support for Mods. Mods include bugs fixes, additional content fo the game, graphics enhancement, etc. that were not released by the developer. Modding has been a crucial part of the PC gaming culture for years now; it allows small scale developers to show their work to the world. Many people have careers only around modding games, many game developers such as Rockstar, Bethesda, and CDPR even encourage modding.

via Windows Central

A while ago, Microsoft announced that it is working on building a mods system in the store’s game delivery system. The new update has finally unlocked the mod system. If you venture into the store, you can see that it is still a unique system. Only a handful of games (mostly indie) support the new mods system. On the game’s store page, the user can select “Enable mods” to unlock modding. The store issues a warning box to explain modding and to inform users that Microsoft will not take responsibility if modding breaks the game.

Once you hit “accept” it allows the user to access the directory where games are stored. Lastly, the store does not have an actual “mod store” yet. The user will have to go elsewhere for their modding needs for now. According to Windows Central, Microsoft is working on the way to deliver mod libraries via the store. Microsoft is also redesigning the store on the Xbox system as well, for more information head over to the link here.


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