Xbox Series X Price and Release Date Leaks

Microsoft will hold a press event soon to reveal the price.

Microsoft continued to delay the revelation of its next-gen console. As a result, many leaks have been surfacing.

Last week, Cavie, a Twitter tipster, said that Pringles leaked the Xbox Series X price for South Africa. It was accidental though.

Pringles promoted a competition that allows consumers to win an Xbox Series X each day for 46 days. But the fine details of the competition revealed a lot about the potential price of the device.

The expected value of the competition would be around 621,000 South African Rand. If you divide it by 46, you get a price of around R13,500. That’s about £599 or $599.

But it was just an estimate by Pringles. It was also just a rough prediction, instead of inside information from Microsoft.

However, Windows Central reported that the next-generation Xbox will be released on November 10. And for the price, it’s $499.

Microsoft is going to release two Xbox consoles. One is a high-end model and the other is for the budget-conscious people. The price leak matches the Xbox One X and Xbox One.

Xbox All Access Financing Options

If you have difficulty paying for the $499 price, you can take advantage of Microsoft’s Xbox All Access financing option. This option will split the cost of the console and subscriptions. It’s the cheapest way for you to get an Xbox console.

Thus, if you’re getting the Xbox Series X priced at $499, you will pay around $35 a month. That’s if you use the Xbox All Access. The lower-end model, Series S will be around $299. Expect to pay around $25 a month.

Both of these consoles will be released on November 10, 2020.

The leaked release date and prices appeared hours after fans were provided with Series S promotion. It’s the cheaper console that is smaller than the Series X. It will also be available in White.

Despite being a lower-end model, it will still be powerful as the Xbox One X. That is, it will be aimed at the 1080p audience.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed it but Windows Central is a reliable source. The Xbox maker has kept the secret for so long that you can find a lot of leaks online.

For Xbox Series X, the price is what others have predicted before the leaks came out. When the PS3 launched, everyone was thinking that they would pay a price of around $600. But of course, Microsoft wanted to be competitive. So, it could either undercut or match Sony’s price.

The launch date is in the same window as the release dates of Call of Duty, Cyberpunk, and Assassin’s Creed. Cyberpunk may be launching around November but the game won’t release a next-gen version until 2021.

If you’re hoping to find out about Sony’s console, you’re out of luck. No leaks yet that came out. However, Sony is likely to undercut or match the price of the Xbox Series X.

Then again, these details are just leaks. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything yet.


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