Xbox Series X Gets New Controller With Better Ergonomics, Cross-Device Connectivity, Sharing And Reduced Latency

The upcoming high-end Microsoft Xbox Series X is well on its way, and hardcore gamers can expect to buy the premium next-gen dedicated gaming console this Holiday Season. While the specifications, features, rumored price and availability of Xbox Series X are gradually revealed, Microsoft decided to offer extensive details through three rather expansive articles.

While one article included the exhaustive spec sheet for the Xbox Series X, the second one discussed the gaming console’s use of an SSD drive. Incidentally, the next-gen console will also benefit from the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which will let developers make use of up to 100GB of game assets instantaneously. The third article is of immense to all the gamers who regularly play games using the iconic controller. The new Xbox Controller contains several new design and feature elements that hint at the company’s approach towards gaming, game consoles, multi-platform or cross-platform gaming, and of course, remote subscription-based cloud gaming.

New Microsoft Gaming Controller Not Just For The Latest Xbox Series X:

New D-Pad

The most prominent change in the new Xbox Controller is the altered D-Pad. The new and improved hybrid D-Pad presumably combines the strengths of the Xbox Elite controller’s standard and faceted d-pads. Microsoft has added more texture to the controller’s triggers and bumpers to reportedly make them tactile and naturally responsive. Although familiar to regular gamers, there’s a “yet more subtle” pattern on the grips, as well. The D-Pad, bumpers, and triggers now feature a matte finish instead of the traditional glossy one. Apparently, Microsoft wants gamers to have a better “feel” of the various buttons, and in the process, it has ensured there’s a high level of consistency and uniformity.

Another visible change in the new Xbox Controller is the addition of the ‘Share’ button. As the name implies, the Share button can be used by gamers to take screenshots and record videos without opening up menus. Using the button reduces the number of clicks and navigation, and allows gamers to share statistics, and other data, including screenshots and video on social media platforms, and that too directly with friends. Gamers will quickly realize that the Share button on the new Xbox Series X appears inspired by Sony PlayStation 4.

The final change which Microsoft is promising on the outside of the new Xbox Controller is the improved ergonomics. By rounding the bumpers, triggers and adjusting the shape of the grips, Microsoft claims to have improved “accessibility and comfort for hundreds of millions more people without negatively affecting the experience for those with larger hands.”

New Microsoft Xbox Series X Controller Features, Price, Availability:

New Share Button

The new Xbox Controller charges through standard USB Type C. Microsoft hasn’t offered exact details, but it is quite likely that the controller will accept 10W Fast Charging. Incidentally, gamers can charge and play with a standard USB Type Cable.

Additionally, the new controller supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE). While wireless Bluetooth isn’t new, the new support is crucial for another feature that will surely appeal to many gamers, and eventually could become the defining factor while subscribing to cloud-based remote gaming services, xCloud.

The new controller will work with the current Xbox One console out of the box. Additionally, it will work with existing Xbox One accessories like Microsoft’s first-party chatpad as well. The BTLE support, however, significantly boosts the compatibility of the new controller. Gamers can quickly and easily pair the same with PC, Android and iOS devices.

The biggest evolution internally is the introduction of a system-wide set of improvements Microsoft calls Dynamic Latency Input (DLI). The new feature works by sending information more frequently from the controller and then matching it with the frames gamers see as they play a game. Essentially, the technology cohesively works with the Xbox gaming console, the HDMI Connection, and finally the high-resolution output.

Just like the Microsoft Xbox Series X gaming console, the new controller will launch sometime this holiday season. However, the company isn’t committing to a confirmed launch date, most likely due to the ongoing health crises. Additionally, the price of the new Microsoft Series X Controller is also a mystery.

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