Leaker Suggests Xbox Series X Digital Edition is in the Works

Xbox fans might soon have something to look forward to as speculations about an Xbox Series X Digital edition have surfaced. According to a prominent leaker and XboxEra host, @Shpeshal_Nick, Microsoft is reportedly considering a digital-only version of its latest console. During a recent Xbox Era podcast, Nick revealed, 

What I have heard is, Microsoft is currently looking into a digital-only Series X.”

If these rumors hold true, it could be a game-changer for gamers. The Xbox Series X stands as the most potent console in the market at present. However, it lacks a budget-friendly digital version, unlike its direct competitor, the PlayStation 5. Instead, Microsoft offers the less powerful Xbox Series S, which has the latest but less powerful hardware and does not provide similar visual fidelity and power to the Series X.

The main difference between the Xbox Series X and the Series S lies in their hardware capabilities and their price difference, the Series X cost nearly double the Series S. A digital version of the Xbox Series X would provide the same performance but at a more accessible price point. By excluding the disc reader, manufacturing costs could be reduced, potentially leading to a lower retail price for the digital version.

Nick also hinted towards new Xbox hardware in 2025, even though specific details remain undisclosed. It appears Microsoft is considering refreshing its hardware lineup, which could be exciting for the fans.

I can’t go into details, but there are also plans for other hardware in 2025.”

Xbox Series X Digital Makes Sense!

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, recently stated in an interview that there’s no immediate need for a mid-gen Xbox upgrade but he didn’t completely rule out the possibility of new Xbox hardware or a new version of Xbox Series X|S. 

As Microsoft showcased a new version of the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series S Carbon Black – 1TB, with increased storage and a matte black finish at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Xbox Series S Carbon Black – 1TB | Microsoft

So, considering the changing dynamics in the gaming industry, it wouldn’t be surprising if they are also considering a digital version of the Xbox Series X. More gamers are leaning towards digital copies, which have several advantages over physical copies.

Digital games are easily accessible, eliminating concerns about stock running out, and users won’t lose their purchased games unless they lose their account. Additionally, digital distribution saves shipping costs, avoids restocking delays, and offers various benefits over physical copies.

From a business perspective, a digital Xbox Series X could be a win-win situation for Microsoft and Xbox fans. It would boost sales and provide gamers with a powerful console at an affordable price. Moreover, it would promote other digital gaming services like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

While the idea of a digital Xbox Series X makes sense, the final decision rests with Microsoft. Xbox fans can cautiously remain optimistic and wait for an official confirmation from the company.

That’s all the information we currently have about the Xbox Series X Digital, but we’ll update you if more details emerge. Feel free to share your thoughts on this news in the comments section below.


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