Xbox Partners Up with Taco Bell to Giveaway a Limited Edition Custom Xbox One X with Game Pass and Elite Controller Series 2

Microsoft is the more fun sibling when it comes to promoting its Xbox line of products. As compared to Sony, not only does the brand have more limited edition stuff, but they boast a lot of customisations with them. Seeing a lot of tech Youtubers boast what they receive from Microsoft, it is hardly surprising how much the company shows its love and support. With every package, there are goodies, not to mention, new, customised controllers. There are so many options to pick from on the Microsoft Store.

Taco Bell x Xbox

Speaking of giveaways and Xbox showing its love with limited edition products, the company has come up with something quite amazing and to be honest, pretty beautiful. What happens when you partner up a super fun gaming console brand and the fastest growing, fastest serving restaurant in the west? The answer is, amazing giveaways!

According to Xbox’s news site, the company is partnering up with Taco Bell to mark the biggest giveaway ever. The giveaway includes an Xbox One X of course but it comes with some goodies. Firstly, it is not any regular Xbox One X, but instead, is the upcoming Eclipse Bundle. In that bundle, winners would find the console itself but it would be paired with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. But that’s not the best part, the console would be customised for this giveaway (yes it would say that on the box as well!). It would make the Taco Bell ring sound upon turning on. (HOW COOL IS THAT?!) But wait, sorry for keeping the best-best news for last. The console would come bundled with the upcoming Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. The controller is set to make its debut on November 4th. Lucky winners would get to experience it though, first hand, before anyone else.

To win though, it would be quite simple. On the Taco Bell side of things, they are actually promoting the sale of their Double Chalupa Box. People would just need to visit and order the product. After that, they would just follow the instructions on the box and check, in real-time, whether they won or not. It is that simple. According to Xbox, there would be a winner every two minutes and this would go on from the 17th of October till the 23rd of November. Not only that, customers who would choose to orde their Double Chalupa Box online can pick up their order in-store to get a chance to win a 14-day membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This is perhaps the biggest giveaway that both companies are taking part in. Perhaps one can only imagine how crowded the participating Taco Bells are going to be just a chance to win the exciting bundle.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.

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Xbox Partners Up with Taco Bell to Giveaway a Limited Edition Custom Xbox One X with Game Pass and Elite Controller Series 2

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