Red Dead Redemption 2 Looks Best On The Xbox One X, Being The Only Console With Native 4K Support

Red Dead Redemption 2 Runs Best On The Xbox One X With Native 4K Support

Red Dead Redemption 2 has received great reviews and it seems that it was worth all the hype. It is a game from Rockstar, so you expect nothing less. If you are interested in playing the game then you might want to know which platform is the best to play the game on. Here we are going to talk about that, based on tests conducted by Digital Foundry.

If you want the best Red Dead Redemption 2 experience, then you can get that on the Xbox One X. The game not only looks better on the console but runs better too. The game runs at native 4K on the Xbox One X which is not something every console iteration can achieve.

While the gameplay is pretty standard across the board, there are small differences when it comes to shadow quality and depth of field. Other such effects depend on the resolution of the game. Mostly Xbox One X comes out on top here because it is able to run the game at native 4K.

The runner-up is the PS4 Pro that is able to run the game using reconstruction techniques, which is most likely checkerboarding. The game is upscaled from 1920×2160 up to 4K. The standard PS4 comes in at third place and is able to run the game at 1080p. The Xbox One S comes in last and is able to run the game at 864p. The temporal anti-aliasing scales with the resolution and that is why you will find that when the game is running on the Xbox One S, images can look blurry and grainy.

Digital Foundry did a graphics comparison between all 4 versions of the game and you can check out the differences below:

The difference is not only in the resolution but in the textures as well. The enhanced consoles deploy higher resolution textures. This can be noticed if you look closely at the characters and clothing. The enhanced consoles do better in terms of FPS especially in more crowded places of the game. The Xbox One X comes out on top in the performance department as well. The game is locked at 30 FPS on the Xbox One X and rarely dips below that mark.

Talha Amjad
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