Xbox Lost This Console Generation To Playstation And Here’s Why They Need To Plan Ahead

Xbox and Playstation are the two big rivals in the console industry. Their parent companies Sony and Microsoft have been fighting it out for a long time, outselling each other from time to time. But this generation has a clear winner and it’s. definitely the Playstation.

In 2013 when both the current generation consoles launched, nobody had the edge over one another, Xbox and Playstation had their own loyal fans. But Microsoft in their launch presentation put themselves in a bad spot, with predatory DRM announcements, which required users to connect to the internet using their consoles once every 24 hours to avoid getting locked out. This obviously caused massive outrage at that time, and Microsoft eventually had to remove these anti-consumer features.

The damage was already done and Playstation did take a small lead on launch. Although this can also be attributed to the differences in hardware in the PS4 and Xbox One. Both these consoles had almost identical specs, with the same CPU, same amounts of RAM but some difference in GPU. The Xbox One GPU had 12 compute units while the PS4 had 18 compute units, this actually made a big difference. Games ran better on the PS4, also having better visual quality in several titles. People who never owned a console or never cared about exclusive titles would obviously go with a console which would offer them better performance in games, this greatly hurt Microsoft’s prospects.

Developers acquired by Microsoft
Developers acquired by Microsoft
Source – SomosXbox

But there’s always that comeback chance, back during the Playstation 3’s launch, it wasn’t very well received, mainly due to it’s enormous launch price, but it did manage to catch the Xbox 360  by the end of it’s life cycle. This never happened with the new Xbox, apart from hardware the main selling point of consoles are their exclusives. Playstation never lacked in this department, they had the perfect mix of old franchise and new IP’s, including Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spiderman and many more, these games were also extremely well received. Meanwhile Xbox botched up, they heavily relied on Halo, Forza and Gears Of Wars. They also suffered from cancelations of some big games such as Scalebound and Fable Legends. Games like State Of Decay 2 and Sea Of Thieves also weren’t well received. The lack of exclusives was even acknowledged by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, and he even stated that Microsoft was going to acquire more studios and work on developing more exclusives.

Xbox vs Playstation total sales
Total Sales
Source – VGchartz

All of this doesn’t make Xbox a bad brand, they have a lot good things going for them, such as complete backward compatibility and better multimedia support. But this doesn’t change the fact that Sony owned this console generation with several exclusives and better business practices. Hopefully Microsoft will learn from their mistakes and Xbox will come back as a stronger brand.

Indranil Chowdhury
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