Xbox Introduces New Family Settings in App to Manage Children’s In-Game Spending

In a bid to curb unwanted and unsupervised spending from children, Xbox has added new settings for parents and guardians to manage and prevent these issues.

One of the biggest problems parents face when it comes to modern video games is their children potentially spending money irresponsibly or even without their permission. In an effort to prevent this from happening more often, Microsoft and Xbox rolled out an update for the existing Family Settings in Xbox, one which will hopefully help give parents peace of mind as their children play their games.

In a blog post from GM for Xbox Family, Trust and Safety Kim Kunes, Xbox detailed its latest update for the Family Settings app, an app released last year to help parents watch over their kids’ time in-game. However, when it first launched, it was missing a component that many parents gave feedback on, which was the ability to control how much their children spend on games, and the choice to provide them with a set amount to spend on what they want.

To answer those needs, the Xbox Family Settings app now includes the option for these key spending aspects:

  • Setting spending limits – parents and guardians can now manage how much their children spend by giving a set amount of money to their account wallet. These funds can then be used for any purchase, whether towards a new game, or in-game purchases.
  • Ask to buy feature – this is a notification-based feature that will allow your child to ask for purchases that they lack the funds for. Parents then have the option of either outright buying the app, game or in-game purchase their kids are asking for, or adding money to their in-game account to complete the transaction. Parents also have the option to deny the notification if they want.
  • Viewing their children’s account balance and spending history – with this feature, parents can always monitor just how much their children have left in terms of funds, as well as what they were spending their funds on.

These new settings should help parents track their kids’ spending on games much more efficiently, as well as know what kinds of games and purchases their kids are getting into. The blog post also notes more updates for Family Settings in the future, something which parents can look forward to for the safety of their children.

Kenneth Araullo
A writer specializing in video games, with two years of writing experience backed by a decade and a half of playing games. A PC Gamer and Dota 2 enthusiast at heart (will also take the occasional Switch title every now and then), he has reviewed multiple titles across many genres, and reported on many, many more.

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Xbox Introduces New Family Settings in App to Manage Children’s In-Game Spending

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