Xbox Game Pass PC Price Will Increase From 17th September

We all saw it coming

Xbox Game Pass Twitter account has just confirmed that the prices for Game Pass PC will Increase. The announcement confirmed that once the game pass will exit Beta, the price will change from $4.99 to $9.99.

Game Pass For PC has been dirt cheap. For the first month, you only pay $1 and get to play from a range of 100 games. In addition, new exclusives are always available on the first day. Games can be downloaded so you can enjoy it offline. Further, you also get a significant discount, if you decide to buy any game from the game pass.

“We’re retiring the introductory price on the 17th, but if you’re already a member, you’ll pay the same rate through the next billing cycle”, reads the announcement tweet, “lookout for a notification on the 17th to get more details”

Some fans aren’t happy with the news, but I guess we all saw it coming. The $4.99 price tag was never suitable and if it costs $9.99 on Console, then there is no reason why it would be $4.99 on PC. I think Xbox has announced the $9.99 price at a decent time. That is to say, they recently announced EA Play completely free along with Game Pass monthly. Players can now play more than 60 EA titles. Games like FIFA 20, Need For Speed Heat, Mass Effect, The Sims, and Titanfall 2.

Xbox Game Pass current prices before exiting beta

Just to clarify, EA Play benefits are for Game Pass across all platforms. If you plan on getting the Game Pass for PC. This is the right time, because If you can subscribe to the service before 17th September. You will only pay $4.99 until next month’s renewal.


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