Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Thinks Cloud Gaming Will Transform the Industry

Cloud Gaming is certainly the future

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer says that Cloud Gaming is still the revolutionary thing that will change gaming dynamics as Netflix did with the Television Industry.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Phil Spencer related Cloud gaming to Netflix and Music apps like Spotify. According to him, he has movies and music everywhere he goes. Likewise, In a not so distant future, Gaming would be there through Cloud Gaming.

Cloud Gaming
Cloud Gaming

“My TV is with me wherever I go. My music is with me wherever  Spencer said. I go. I’m in control of the experience, and I think gaming is going through that same transformation.”

“We’re about putting the player in the center. It’s not about the device in the middle anymore, and you see that with every other form of media,”

Phil also said that they wouldn’t stop making more Xbox Consoles, and related cloud gaming “streaming has not cut streaming off device innovation,”

“In terms of future hardware, I think we’re going to see more down the road,”

project xcloud

Cloud Gaming has the center of focus for everyone. Sony is already developing its cloud gaming platform, while yesterday, Amazon announced its upcoming game streaming service, Luna. Every big company is looking at Cloud Gaming because of its promising future. If you don’t know how cloud gaming works, players buy any device, either its mobile or PC. Afterward, they use high-speed Internet and directly stream games without needing any high demanding hardware.

After the acquisition of Bethesda in an Industry breaking fee of $8.5 Million, Phil Spencer clarified that games would show up on major Xbox Platforms. At the same time, the competitor devices will be taken on a case by case basis.

“In terms of where games will show up, our commitment is that our games will show up in Game Pass, PC, and on console and be available on xCloud,” Spencer told yahoo. “In terms of other platforms, I think we’ll take it on a case-by-case basis.”

Microsoft seems to have a bright future, and thanks to the people working behind the projects. Right now, there next-gen console Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X will guarantee do well. Other than this, they have Game Pass, which is consistently getting better. Likewise, they are also working on their Cloud Gaming project, the XCloud. Last but not least, the CEO of Microsoft is highly supportive and seems to like the idea of acquiring new studious for Xbox.



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