Xbox Apologises for Misleading ‘Fable’ Tweet

The publisher sent out some tweets which has apparently been misconstrued by the community as an announcement for something big for the Fable series.

Xbox Game Studios has just cleared the air with fans after a tweet was sent out which seemingly indicated an upcoming event concerning the Fable series, currently being developed by Playground Games. The tweets read out (original tweets have since been deleted):

We’re excited to kick off something special tomorrow!

(Just give us one more day to prepare the chickens.) 🐔

— Xbox Game Studios Publishing (@XboxPublishing) October 17, 2021

We’d call it our Fable Anniversary, but that name was already taken.

— Xbox Game Studios Publishing (@XboxPublishing) October 17, 2021

Eventually, the account issued a retraction the day after:

Sorry for any confusion! We don’t have any big game news tomorrow, or any info about @WeArePlayground’s upcoming Fable game.

— Xbox Game Studios Publishing (@XboxPublishing) October 18, 2021

Fans would have hoped that this was the confirmed new Fable title Microsoft has teased in July of last year for the PC and the Xbox Series X. Ever since it was unveiled, no other news has been heard of aside from a sound bite off a podcast interview Dropped Frames. The snippet comes from Xbox head Phil Spencer, assuring fans that work is still ongoing and that they should take confidence from the work of the studio on the Forza Horizon series.

Other notable names currently involved with the creation of the new Fable game include Will Kennedy (known for his work on Grand Theft Auto 5) as the chief designer, Hunter Wright (worked on the shooter franchise Borderlands with Gearbox studios) who will be heading quest design, and Martin Lancaster (lead script writer for Batman: Arkham Knight) as the game’s narrative director.

Fable is a series of action role-playing titles spanning almost two decades and nine games that is owned exclusively by Xbox Game Studios. It is also just one of the hundreds of IPs owned by Microsoft which we should expect to release new games for their Xbox Series X and S console lines. Notable IPs include the Doom series, the Fallout series, and the Elder Scrolls series.

So far, Bethesda Game Studios has confirmed that the highly awaited and long anticipated Elder Scrolls 6 is still not coming any time soon, at least not until after the release of their new title, Starfield: an action role playing title set in space. The new IP which was originally announced in Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference 2018 is scheduled to launch in November of next year.


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