Xbox and Windows 10 Might Undergo A Deeper Integration Through A New OS

Microsoft has been very active in the gaming industry lately. They have been working on their new game streaming service called ‘xCloud‘, along with new Xbox’s codenamed ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Lockhart’. Microsoft has long owned two of the most popular gaming platforms. ‘Windows’ and ‘Xbox’ so it is only a matter of time before the company integrates both the platforms into one. Microsoft has hinted at this integration through various moves and steps.

Xbox One Games on Windows 10

Insiders have been treated to an early version of the April 2019 Update(also known as 19H1). The update contains something very interesting. Insiders who have updated their Windows to build 18334 get a chance to try out Microsoft’s State of Decay game for free. This was quite odd as Microsoft does not usually include free games in Insider updates.

What’s even more interesting is that State of Decay does not download from the Microsoft Store server. Instead the game downloads from (Xbox Live Servers). These games are downloaded in the .xvc file format, which is an Xbox One file format and can be installed using the updated PowerShell in the new Windows.

Moreover, Twitter user, WalkingCat spotted a new app on the Microsoft Store under the name ‘Gaming Service.’ The app downloads and installs two different drivers, xvdd.sys = XVD Disk Driver (Microsoft Gaming Filesystem Driver) and gameflt.sys = Gaming Filter (Microsoft Gaming Install Filter Driver). WalkingCat further noted that xsapi.dll = Durango Storage API, XCrdApi.dll = Durango XCRDAPI are also referenced in the files. Durango was Microsoft’s codename for the Xbox One.


The new Xbox’s are rumored to support a new type of Operating system. The operating system is rumored to be called ‘GameCore‘. This could either be a whole new OS or could be an extension of the previous Hyper-V and Windows 10 based OS. Gamecore will be a platform through which developers can use Xbox services on both PC and Xbox.

This might not seem all that important, however, this will now allow Windows 10 users to play Xbox One games natively, without developers having to port the game to run on PC.

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Xbox and Windows 10 Might Undergo A Deeper Integration Through A New OS

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