Xaviant is shutting down The Culling 2 and rebooting the original

Earlier this month, Xaviant released the successor to one the first battle royale games, The Culling. Unfortunately, the game was received poorly as is evident by the low player count and negative reviews. In response, Xaviant said that they will discuss the future of the studio and will “talk soon”. On July 18th, Xaviant published a video explaining their course of action regarding The Culling franchise.

In the video, director of operations Josh Van Veld discusses the poor launch of The Culling 2.


“One thing that has emerged very clearly for us is that The Culling 2 was not a game that you asked for, and it’s not the game that you expect as a worthy successor to The Culling, so with that in mind, we’ve decided that the best course of action is to take that game down off of store shelves.”

Over the course of the following week, Xaviant will be issuing refunds to all owners of The Culling 2 and will be ending the sales of the game. After advice from fans, the developers will reinstate the early access build of the original game. Titled ‘The Culling: Day One”, the reboot will be the exact same build from the early access version of the game that was released back in March.

“That means all the perks are coming back, all the airdrops are coming back, combat goes back to its day one form. Literally every aspect of the gameplay will be what you remember.”

To attract new players to the game, The Culling will be made free to play upon launch of the Day One update. Van Veld states that even though The Culling 1 has quite a few fans, he wants “new blood” to be part of the game.

We will have to wait and see how this move pans out for both the studio and the game. As for now, fans have been responding well to this action saying that some of their faith has been restored.



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Xaviant is shutting down The Culling 2 and rebooting the original

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