X Introduces Creator Monetization Program, Available for All

In an effort to keep its best producers on board, Twitter (formerly known as X) has started sharing ad income with verified creators this month. The “Ads Revenue Sharing” scheme was just made available to qualified authors around the world, the business stated today. Posts by X owner Elon Musk indicate that the initial payout to creators will be in the amount of $5 million. He specified that this would apply retroactively to February.

Payment Amounts for Creators

Several authors reported receiving six-figure payouts, the average of which was in the five-figure range.

To join the X Creator Program, individuals must have “at least 15M impressions on your cumulative posts within the last 3 months,” as stated on the program’s website. Individuals can subscribe to Blue (formerly Twitter Blue) or Verified Organizations. Users must also have a minimum of 500 followers.

To calculate creator payments, X uses ad revenue from comments on creator postings rather than advertising displayed on the main X timeline. This encourages authors to share content that sparks lively debate. This could spark extreme content, including hot takes, but X has put certain restrictions on what is allowed. Examples of things that are not permitted include sexually explicit material, violence, illegal activities, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and “get rich quick” schemes. Artists also can’t try to make money off of anything they don’t possess the right to.

Available for Creators All Around the Globe

With the announcement made today, the initiative is open to creators all over the world who meet the requirements.

We want X to be the best place online to make a career as a creative, and this is our first step towards paying you for your achievements, as stated by the official X account.

Chief Executive Officer of X Linda Yaccarino remarked, “absolute game changer for our creators.

Elon Musk believes that in 2023, despite the elimination of bots, X’s monthly users achieved a new high. This was in addition to the global debut. (Of course, removing bots isn’t a one-and-done deal; rather, it’s a continuing process). There was a time when Twitter (now X) had 541.5 million monthly users, according to the data, although the months aren’t identified. It’s also unclear how Musk calculates “monthly usage,” as opposed to the more typical MAU (monthly active user).

While others, such as Cloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince, have pointed to declining traffic to the Twitter domain using third-party measurement techniques, this figure shows the opposite trend. Along with the introduction of Threads, Simialarweb also saw a decrease in traffic from Twitter.


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