THQ Nordic’s New Open World Sand-Box Racer “Wreckreation” Pre-Order Page Spotted Online

Update: New Information about THQ Nordic’s new open-world sandbox game has come to light. The developer announced the game’s trailer a few minutes ago on Youtube.

The game features around 400 square kilometres of open world to explore which is divided into four massive counties that include biomes ranging from sandy beaches, woodlands, as well as grasslands. The developers have called it a MixWorld, that you can customize, design and shape to your heart’s content with race tracks and courses in the ground or up in the sky.

Wreckreation will officially be playable at the THQ Nordic Booth ( Hall 8 #A10) at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne over in Germany. There’s no official release date for the game but you can still add it to your wishlist on Steam. The page also included the minimum system requirements to run the game. 

Operating system: Windows 10 or 11 (64-bit)

Processor: AMD / Intel CPU running at 3.0 GHz or higher: AMD Kaveri A10-7850K or Intel Pentium DualCore G3220 or newer is recommended / Ryzen 5 2400G (for systems using an integrated GPU)

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Video Card: AMD / NVIDIA dedicated graphics card, with at least 4GB of dedicated VRAM and with DirectX 12 support

DirectX: Version 12

Memory: 60 GB of available space” – Steam

Wreckreation is a racing game that’s going to be one of the most expansive open-world sandbox experiences for drivers and racing fans. You get to design a complete world in accordance with your imagination. The game seems pretty ambitious to us, and it’s finally up for pre-order on Amazon for the Xbox Series X, the PS5 and PC. At least that’s what the Amazon listing says. Let’s shed some light on this mystery of a game that’s popped up on Amazon.

Never Heard of Wreckreation the game?

Wario64 on Twitter was the first to inform the Internet about the creation and existence of Wreckreation, the game. The game is currently available for Pre-order on Amazon for around 39.99 dollars. Wreckreation is coming to the Xbox Series X, PC and PS5, so it’ll be a pretty big release for that matter. 

Wreckreation game
Suspicious Amazon Listing for Wreckreation | Amazon

Wario 64 Revealed tons of information regarding Wreckreation, the game, though it’s still pretty much a ghost on the Internet this time around. You can also design maps along with your friends in the expansive sandbox of the game, Wreckreation. Players can test their limits and race against online opponents or their friends.

In addition, there are numerous stunts to participate in or game modes where you intentionally crash to score the highest points and win. Wreckreation is the newest hottest game on the block.

According to Wario64, the mysterious game by the name of Wreckreation is being developed by Three Fields Entertainment, a team that consists of developers from Burnout and the Need for Speed series. Burnout has been a legend when it comes to the racing genre. Need for Speed has been a bit commercially slow, but it has still anchored itself as one of the pioneers of racing games.

The two developers combined will surely nail Wreckreation to give players an experience they would die for. The game is being published by THQ Nordic. So far, no official announcement for the game has been issued. 

The Amazon listing states that players can mix up the leaderboards and set records in seven different ways wherever and whenever they drive in the streets of their Mix world.

The game features a huge open world by the name “Mix My World”, where you get to discover and design the map and race courses. You can place half pipes, loops, jumps moving obstacles almost anywhere in the Mix world. You can even place them in the sky.

But that’s not all. Customization is key in Wreckreation as players get to paint colours, do custom finishes, customize their wheels and engine sounds, and boost flames, tires, and colours. Players can even opt to go for manual or even stick mode.

Wreckreation promises to feature one of the best music selection channels and radio stations to date. Players get to access over 16 radio stations that will be updated along the way. In addition, players can also stream their own music from their consoles and PCs if they wish to do so.

In Wreckreation, players can also mix up game modes to feature both races, stunts, air time events or custom objectives in a Mix All Modes Mode.

The game is said to feature a 400 square kilometer MixWorld that’s intended to be a racing realm that players have to shape and design according to their minds. But will Wreckreation really be the ultimate Sandbox experience that it hopes to be? We’ll just have to wait.

What else do we know about the game, Wreckreation, other than the fact that there’s nothing actually out there about the game except for a leak by Wario64 and an Amazon Listing? Well, nothing for now. Hopefully, we’ll get an official announcement from Three Fields Entertainment or THQ Nordic. Till then, we’ll have to wait.

And that’s pretty much all that we know about Wreckreaction so far. Hopefully, THQ Nordic will issue an announcement regarding the game pretty soon. Till then, we’re the first to reveal Wreckreation to the world over here at Appuals. Tune in for more exciting news in the future. Till then, see you later and goodbye!



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