WPC Announces Next-Gen “Qi2” Wireless Charging Standard Aimed for Apple MagSafe Products

The Wireless Power Consortium has unveiled the Qi2 standard, which is the next version of the Qi standard and will replace Qi. The fact that Apple’s MagSafe components will be included in this technology is the most intriguing aspect of this statement. In a nutshell, you should anticipate that Android smartphones and tablets will also incorporate magnets, making it possible for them to clamp on Qi2 chargers without difficulty. 

During CES 2023, WPC announced that the next version of the Qi standard, which is going to be called “Qi2,” was developed with assistance from Apple. The “Magnetic Power Profile” will serve as the foundation of the new standard, which was created with the intention of enhancing both the effectiveness and the interoperability of the technology.

WPC’s Qi2 Technology Has Improved Power Efficiency and Charging Rate

According to WPC’s explanation, this Magnetic Power Profile functions in a manner quite similar to that of Apple’s MagSafe. As a consequence, Qi2 accessories will be completely aligned with the devices, resulting in improved energy efficiency and a heightened capacity for rapid charging. And thus, seeing as how the Qi2 standard was established in collaboration with Apple, it will naturally be compatible with MagSafe by default.

Consumers and retailers have been telling us they’re confused concerning what devices are Qi Certified and those that claim to work with Qi but are not Qi Certified. This confusion can lead to a poor user experience and even safety issues. Our standard assures consumers that their devices are safe, efficient, and interoperable with other brands. Qi2 will be the global standard for wireless charging and provide consumers and retailers with that assurance.” 

The Qi2 standard will also build a gateway and open the market to new accessories that were not charged using existing surface-to-flat surface devices. These new accessories will be able to set wirelessly utilizing the Qi2 standard. According to the WPC, Qi2-compatible smartphones and chargers will be commercially accessible for the Christmas shopping season of 2023. This report also hints that Apple may be moving closer to developing a ‘portlessiPhone model shortly. 

Once it is made accessible, the new Qi2 standard will replace the Qi predecessor. By 2023, one billion Qi gadgets are anticipated to be sold worldwide, according to WPC. It’s anticipated that the first Qi2 approved electronics and accessories will be available by year’s end.


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