Matthew Beem’s Record-Breaking Giant iPhone Amazes Marques Brownlee

You know how people are always complaining how they wish the iPhone was even bigger than the 6.7-inch ‘Pro Max’. Well, seems as if one of those people was Matthew Beam, a YouTuber known for his daring attempts at unusual projects and unique challenges.

In the video titled “I Built the World’s Largest iPhone!“, he took on the challenge of not only building a large device, but also one that looks and works exactly like a normal iPhone. But how does one manage to do all of that? I mean, can literally anyone just ‘make an iPhone’? Well, technically, no. But before we get into that, let’s take a step back and see how he pulled this off.

Right from the start, Beem introduces his friend Coof, who ‘happens to be’ an expert in this ambitious project. Their first task? Finding a TV to serve as the gigantic screen for their iPhone. So off they go to a store, where the manager suggests the biggest TV they have and challenges them to convert it into a touchscreen.

The TV used as the screen | Matthew Beem

With the TV in hand, the next step was to plan the build. Beem, along with his team wanted everything to be just right, including the cameras, infrared, and THE Apple logo with a shiny mirrored finish. No detail was too small for this project!

To actually build the largest iPhone possible, Beem needed to beat the previous record, which was set at six feet tall by ZHC back in 2020. So, he even contacts ZHC himself to ask for tips on how to surpass that record. Beem’s version of the iPhone measured about 7ft in height, and was 2ft wide.

Planning the Build | Matthew Beem

After deciding on everything, comes the fun part of actually putting the iPhone together. Beem and his team carefully cut out all the necessary parts and make sure the corners have the perfect roundness. They even go as far as forging and melting metal to create the corner pieces.

The Metal Corner Piece | Matthew Beem

They install a laser that turns the TV into a touchscreen and even manage to make the interface look like iOS. What they did was that they paired a Mac Mini with the screen, which simulated running a virtual Android phone, having an iOS skin on top of it.

Everything worked as it should have, including the lock button and the volume controls, but there was one small challenge. See, taking selfies is hard when your phone is 7 feet tall and the camera is positioned on the top.

Front Camera on the 7ft iPhone | Matthew Beem

After finishing working on the the iPhone, Beem and his crew made out a fun to-do list to test out the phone, including having it evaluated by MKBHD. From using Apple Pay in a watch store to using it to check in at a hotel, they spared no effort.

Beem’s To-Do List | Matthew Beem

After completing everything on the list, Beem and his team head to MKBHD’s warehouse to showcase their project. Marques was asked what he expected from the phone, and his expectations were not really high. However, after looking at the phone, he genuinely seemed impressed.

Marques tests the front camera | Matthew Beem

In the video, Marques praises Beem, and his team’s hard work and gives the project a score of eight out of ten. Two points less for failing to implement Siri, and lack of functioning back cameras. Overall, not bad at all!


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