Worlds First Foldable Phone Is Here, Chinese Company Rouyu Technology Beats The Big Tech Giants

Rouyu Technology’s FlexiPai, as it has in its name, has beaten every other smartphone giant to be the first foldable phone. The Chinese manufacturer priced the phone at a not-so-modest ¥8999 which are roughly around USD $1290. Not a lot of Intel has been acquired on the phone. The famous tech leak twitter account, Ice Universe, tweeted a short video making it the first ever hands-on experience video.

From the looks of it, the phone seems to be rather bulky and even has a very evidently visible partition at the back, stealing away its sleek look. The display around the foldable phone is still yet to be known. Most guesses have it to be either an AMOLED or an LCD screen. The screen stretches to be a 7.8” HD display. The phone is 7.6mm thick, and the fact that it folds in your hands effortlessly makes it even more suave and exciting to use. The device comes in three variants – 6GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB ($1434), and 8GB+512GB ($1864).

It has a dual rear camera – a 16MP wide-angle lens and a 20MP telephoto. The camera is placed on the left side of the device when it laid out. The camera configuration seems to be average when compared to other flagships, but no actual test results have been seen, leaving its performance a mystery. The phone comes with a fast charge technology called the Ro-charge which can charge the device from 0 to 80% in 1 hour. This fast charging technology has an efficiency rating of 94% and claims to charge 40% faster.

Let’s face it, a 7.8” smartphone with a High Definition display without a chipset good enough to support its high resolution (although not mentioned) is pretty much useless. Rouyu technology took care of this and did not disappoint.

The 7.8” display foldable phone comes with the latest, most powerful Qualcomm chipset,  Snapdragon 8150 a.k.a. Snapdragon 855. This chipset is yet to be announced and FlexiPai has the honour of being the first device to bring it to the market. This high power Snapdragon chipset is necessary on a device with a 7.8” display to avail smooth functioning during heavy-duty gaming.

The phone will be available at a flash sale tomorrow (1-Nov-2018) at 10:01am local time (New York ~ 10:01pm).

Bijit Ghosh
Bijit Ghosh is a computer science undergrad who takes an immense interest in technical trivia. Currently working on program development , he takes a wide view of the entire development community. He believes in binary: If it's true it will surface, else return. If you don't find him working it's probably because he's busy reporting the glitch in the matrix.

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Worlds First Foldable Phone Is Here, Chinese Company Rouyu Technology Beats The Big Tech Giants

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