Work Faster and Better with these new Rolled Out Features for G Suite Apps


Several new features are being rolled out for its G suite apps on mobile platforms, Google announced on Wednesday. These new features are designed specifically to help users working on Google Sheets, Docs and Slides further easier while they are on the move. According to the tech giant’s blog, with the recent increase in remote work, it is important to provide all employees with the flexibility of working just as they want. This is why the company has been working on “continually improving mobile experiences across G suite” so that users can efficiently collaborate, create and communicate with their teams easily from the palm of their hands.

The newly added features to G suite include link previews, Smart Compose, dark theme, vertical navigation, comments interface and even more.

Smart Compose

This artificially-intelligence-powered tool will help in reduction of grammatical and spelling errors and will enable users to write faster. This feature was made available for web in the beginning of this year and is now being launched for mobile phones. In just a few weeks, IOS and android users will be able to enjoy this feature.

Link Previews

Clicking on a provided link in Google Docs will show users a dynamic card with information regarding the link’s content including owner details, thumbnails and latest activity of Drive files, titles and others. Users will be able to do all this without having to leave the app. The reading flow will not be disrupted.

Comments Response and Comments Interface

Users will now be able to view an updated comments thread around Gmail documents which can be resolved or replied directly to, through the message. The company had introduced this feature on the Web last year and now will be available for mobile apps also. The interface for comments has also improved which has made easier for team members to collaborate. The new interface allows scrolling through, responding to comments and mentioning others. Currently this is available on Android and will be rolled out to iOS within a few months.

Updated Comments Interface

Vertical Navigation

Slideshows can now be viewed in a vertical stream using pinch-to-zoom feature. Users will be able to review presentations faster and will make it convenient to switch to presenting or editing content.

Dark Theme

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides on Android all support a dark theme which will be rolled out to iOS users in the coming months. This feature originally had rolled out in July.

Dark Theme

All G suite consumers will now be able to access these features on their iOS or Android devices, as the updates are slowly rolled out.

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