Windows Terminal is Becoming the Default Command Line Experience in Windows 11

Since the dawn of time, the default terminal emulator in Windows has been the Windows Console Host (conhost.exe). Therefore, the default command line experience was tied to Windows Console Host as PowerShell and Command Prompt, and other terminals, would always open inside it. This is about to change.

Starting in 2022, Microsoft is moving away from Windows Console Host and shifting to the Windows Terminal. In Windows 11, you can already set the Windows Terminal as the default for the command line but moving forward, this would become the actual default out-the-box. Microsoft has never officially made strides to replace Console Host with Terminal until now.

Windows Terminal is a modernized command line experience, launched in 2019, that has all the bells and whistles you expect from a modern terminal. In Windows 11, it is powered by Microsoft’s Mica material which produces a gorgeous see-through transparency effect rendering the entire terminal background translucent. That allows it fit right in with Windows 11’s overall design aesthetic.

In a post over at Windows Developer Blogs, Microsoft explains how for a long time users couldn’t easily replace the console host and needed third-party solutions to make this happen. Well, the Redford giant realizes this and will not make it so that not only Windows Terminal becomes the default, but you will now be able to set third-party terminals to set as the default command line.

Firstly, Windows Terminal will become the default on early preview builds of Windows 11 inside the Windows Insider Program moving slowly to official releases afterwards. The plan is to make Terminal the default throughout all Windows 11 devices in 2022. As always, Microsoft is eager to collect feedback on this change and hopes to improve the experience for developers working within the Windows console environment.



Huzaifa Haroon

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