Windows Search on Windows 10 Finally Gets a Proper Dark Mode

Rejoice dark mode users!

Microsoft offers two distinctive dark and light themes for its Windows OS, both Windows 10 and 11. While Windows 11 certainly has a more refined and nuanced dark mode that takes advantage of things such as Mica Material, Windows 10 is mostly limited to just a plain black color for its dark mode. And that’s fine with most users, but as is customary with Windows, dark mode on Windows is inconsistent and feels out of place at times.

Windows 10 Search moment before disaster | WindowsLatest

A prime example of this is the Windows Search, one of the most iconic and utilitarian elements of Windows, in fact, Search might as well be the most used functionality in all of Windows. However, Windows 10 has always had a somewhat irregular look to its search element. Even when system-wide dark mode is enabled inside the OS, as soon as you type anything inside the Search box, an eye-searing white background pops up that looks completely out of place.

The now-old Windows 10 Search | Starfighter XIV

New vs. Old

When you open the Start Menu, everything seems fine but the moment you type a word, it all goes to hell. And, it’s been this way since the initial release of Windows 10 back in 2015. Yikes. Microsoft never thought of this as a issue significant enough to address or fix, at least, up until now. All of sudden and out of nowhere, Microsoft just pushed a server-side update today that has finally blackened the Search inside Windows 10.

The new dark-mode-honoring Windows 10 Search | WindowsLatest

As you can see in the picture above, everything from the Search window to the context menus on the side are blacked out. Even the Bing web searched that show up in the results share some consistency for once. The actual search field where you type out whatever you want, still remains white, however. The overall Search element still looks tacky and not the most polished but, hey, at least it works.

Overall, it looks… fine. I was never a fan of Windows 10’s blackish dark mode, I much prefer the dark grey implementation that many companies go for, including Microsoft with Windows 11. That being said, the new truly dark Search inside Windows 10 bares no resemblance to Windows 11, such as rounded corners and softer backgrounds, as it still is very much the standard boxy content index we’re all familiar with.


Windows Latest reports that dark mode has rolled out to Windows 10 version 2004, version 20H2, version 21H1, and later. The dark mode update isn’t packaged inside another proper Windows Update. As mentioned before, it’s a server-side update which means you should be seeing the dark mode Windows Search anytime now without having to update your device. As always, the rollout is gradual so be patient and try to bare the light mode Windows Search for the time being.

Huzaifa Haroon
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