Windows Screen Sketch 10.1806.1901.0 Update Fixes Blurry Screenshot Bug

In May of this year, Microsoft announced that it would switch from its previous Windows in-built Snipping Tool to Screen Sketch which was first introduced as part of the Windows Ink Workspace but soon earned itself a stand-alone application as Windows’ screenshotting and editing tool. Lately, however, an issue with the application has been brought to Microsoft’s attention. The application seems to be taking imprecise and blurry screenshots. Microsoft has just released the version 10.1806.1901.0 update for Screen Sketch to resolve this issue, but as of yet the update is only available to those running the Windows insider preview build. The new version is expected to be included in a customer base wide release of the next Windows update. If you can’t wait till then and need a quick fix to your blurry screenshot dilemma, switch to your insider build mode (or join the Windows Insider program to attain this access if you don’t have it already) and update the application from the Microsoft application store.

In the Windows Insider Build 17661, Microsoft chose to abandon its long loyal screenshotting and screen capture manipulating application, the Snipping Tool, for a newer and more “modern” application: Windows Ink’s Screen Sketch. Most of the features of the Snipping Tool were translated over into Screen Sketch but options to delay capture and customization of the doodling pens are still not up to par with the Snipping Tool yet. New features like Screen Clip were included in the update that allowed users to capture portions of the screens as scraps to edit and store aside. The Windows Key + Shift + S key combination prompts Screen Sketch and turns the mouse into a cursor to snip out the portion of the screen that the user would like. Once this “snip” is saved, the user is able to edit it in Screen Sketch and save it as a separate image file.

Aaron Michael
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