Windows reference to Andromeda OS supporting device hinting towards introducing Surface Phone

While rumors continue to float on the surface, Windows have been expected to secretly work on the launch of Surface Phone and evidence suggests the same. Another indicator that led to the rumors is the presence of code within the windows 10 update pointing towards the fact of existence of  a device that would run the Andromeda OS.

What’s Andromeda?

More or less, according to the company Andromeda OS is the fate of Windows 10 which will include the gradual conversion of conventional OS into a “modular system”, where quick changes can be made rapidly whether it deals with the omitting of or the adding on of features and will be highly customized for the gadget it is being run on. This also means that instead of having different mutant versions of Windows 10, only one basic version will be designed that can be customized and tailored to fit almost any demands.

The “secret fold-able device” is an up to the minute idea for most to technology fans already and with the already recorded response to the rumor, the anticipated assumptions for the success of the device is relatively high. A device that will be aimed for corporate purposes is foreseen to consist of inward-folding displays attached at a specified point.

Among the wild guesses being taken, one guess is by the twitter user WalkingCat who pointed that the device being indicated in the Windows 10 update maybe the Surface Phone that everyone is looking forward to and this Twitter user seems to have high expectations from the Windows. Simple expecting a “phone” is too mainstream so WalkingCat opted to expect a wild device like “HingedDualScreenDevice” instead.

To further strengthen the statement and prove that WalkingCat is not only playing around with the wild predictions, a tweet was shared, found while breaking up the code from the Window’s CShell.

Let’s keep our hopes high and keep waiting for this new exciting machine, It maybe worth the wait!

Bill Wilson
Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.

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Windows reference to Andromeda OS supporting device hinting towards introducing Surface Phone

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