Windows Phone Reimagined with an Improved Interface of Windows 95

Recently, a new concept on YouTube has emerged with the title, “Introducing Windows 95 mobile” in which Windows phone is being reimagined the way it would look like with an improved interface of Windows 95. The video that was published on 23rd June already has 1.7 million likes and several hundred comments from the viewers.

The history of Windows 95 operating system is interesting and even important for many to understand the concept released in this YouTube video. The initial Windows 95 operating system was introduced to the public in 1995 and was considered as an important moment for the Microsoft company and had a great user interface graphically. It proved to be a majorly huge success for Microsoft and forty million copies of it were sold in the very first year. The old operating system has now been discontinued and is now considered outdated.

The YouTube video showcases the poster’s vision of a Microsoft-branded smartphone working with the operating system of Windows 95. The basic concept introduced here is the integration of Windows 10 mobile with a makeover of Windows 95 elements. It can be termed as a hybrid version of both Windows 95 and Windows 10 mobile. It has been received quite remarkably by the Windows 10 users. The designer of this concept also displays Windows 95 features including Internet Explorer, Sound recorder and other such forgotten features of the 90s. There are several screenshots in the video that display different applications that could be made available in this phone.

When it was released in 95’, the operating system took the computing world by storm. It had a great user interface and was considered something new for the users. The responders to this idea have expressed their interest and excitement towards it, many terming it as ‘brilliant’ and some saying that they would pick this as their choice of phone any day. The concept seems quite interesting though it would be pertinent to observe how the smartphone users receive this idea, if ever Windows decides to implement it.


Maira Ahmed
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Windows Phone Reimagined with an Improved Interface of Windows 95

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