Windows PC Optimization Tool Shows Up on the Microsoft Store

There are tons of PC optimization apps available on the internet, for example there’s AVG TuneUp, and the very popular CCleaner. Now it seems, Microsoft will also have a go at it, with their new PC Manager app. 

This is a great move by Microsoft, as most of these optimization tools available online don’t do much, and instead even install additional malware in some cases.

Windows PC Manager

Coming to the features, the PC manager app has a health check, which is powered by the very competent Windows Defender tool. The security tab in the app also shows users potential security threats on their devices. Then there’s the cleanup tab which deletes temporary files on the OS to free up extra space. There’s also a simplified iteration of the Task Manager, which displays unused processes running in the background. 

The Startup apps tab on the new PC Manager app also works very well, displaying all the startup apps in one place, and letting users toggle from the options.

Like most PC optimization applications, even the PC manager app comes with a boost feature, which clears temporary files and closes unimportant background processes to free up memory. 

Windows PC Manager, Storage Manager Tab

Most of these functionalities are already baked in recent Windows OS releases, but PC Manager does a good job of tying it all together. Hopefully, a free PC optimization tool from Microsoft will dissuade users from installing the other spammy alternatives available online.    

Dear bloggers, PC Manager app has been available for months now. The news from today is that the app has been submitted to the Microsoft Store (still hidden). 

Aggiornamenti Lumia, On Twitter

Also, the PC Manager app had been available in China for a while now, and just recently showed up on the Microsoft store. PC Manager’s recent submission to the Microsoft store could likely mean the company is readying it for a wider release. You can download the public beta release, here.


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