Windows Mixed Reality Support Makes Its Way to Chromium Browsers Starting with Chrome Canary

Sometime in January, a Chromium commit was spotted on Chromium Gerrit which gave away Google’s plans to introduce support for Windows Mixed Reality in Chromium. It honestly didn’t come as a surprise considering the recent addition of Native Windows dark theme, Action Center notifications and Widows Timeline features in Chrome.

Google’s Chrome Canary browser was recently updated to include support for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets to be used in the browser itself. Reportedly, the feature is now live in Chrome Canary version 74.0.3710.0. Users have to enable a flag under chrome://flags to start taking advantage of Windows Mixed Reality Headsets in Chrome Canary.-

Mixed Reality flag in Chrome Canary

“If enabled, Chrome will use Windows Mixed Reality devices for VR (supported only on Windows 10 or later)”, the flag description reads.

We have no official confirmation on whether Google plans to roll out the feature globally in regular Chrome desktop browser. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if it does. Now that Microsoft’s Edge browser has moved to the Chromium platform, we expect Microsoft to include Mixed Reality support in its browser soon.

Sahas Arya
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