Microsoft Reportedly Working on New AI Capabilities for Windows, Insider Claims

Since the inception of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has grown at a rapid pace. Nowadays, every new feature is accompanied by AI functionality that enhances its appeal to users. Microsoft has also been adopting AI technology, gradually incorporating AI features into its operating system. The company, for example, recently introduced Windows Copilot, an Integrated AI Assistant in its Windows Operating System.

But Microsoft isn’t stopping there when it comes to incorporating AI into Windows 11. Windows Central has learned through reliable sources that Microsoft is considering incorporating artificial intelligence features into several built-in Windows 11 programs, including Photos, Snipping Tool, and Paint. A neural processing unit (NPU) or a visual processing unit (VPU) may be necessary for some of these capabilities, while for others they may not be necessary at all.

OCR in Photos App

Microsoft is developing an artificial intelligence feature for the Photos app that will analyze images for certain items or individuals, allowing users to then selectively extract those aspects for further manipulation. It’s hardly surprising to learn that Microsoft is attempting to add this capability to Windows, given that iOS and Android have had it for some time.

Camera App with OCR | Windows Central

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is planning to add OCR (optical character recognition) technology to the Snipping Tool so that copied text from screenshots can be found more quickly. Microsoft is also working on integrating optical character recognition (OCR) into the Camera app so that users may choose text in photos they shoot with the device.

Windows Paint Getting AI Integration

The Windows 11 Paint program has also been the subject of Microsoft’s generative AI experiments, according to Windows Central, users might use Paint in the same way they use Bing Image Creator now to have the program generate a blank canvas based on their input. According to sources, Bing technology will power the Paint AI integration.

It’s not known if or when Microsoft will release Windows 11 with these AI features. Industry insiders said these concepts are still in the testing phase as they figure out how to add AI features to Windows. Microsoft is said to unveil new Surface hardware and elaborate on artificial intelligence in Windows during an event on September 21.

The next major Windows platform release is scheduled for 2024, and it will reportedly feature enhanced AI capabilities. Microsoft is currently developing some basic artificial intelligence features for Windows 11. According to trusted sources, the business will start heavily incorporating AI experiences in the next big release.

This is all we have for now, rest assured we will make sure to keep you informed in case of any updates through Windows officially. Do let us know what you think about the AI incorporation in the comments down below

Source: Windows Central


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